Yesterday, the hanging sword finally fell on me…
After all the threatenings, 498A is finally registered against me and parents. Police from Orissa came home early morning at 6am, with my beloved wife and her parents.
They first took away all the left overs (stridhan) that she left at my house while leaving, like some of her dolls, some cheap gift items that were given by her friends and relatives in marriage, a couple of nighties 😉 etc… Even the IO that came with her was laughing. “Is these what you call were given as dowry?”, she asked her. Anyway, I got a signed list of the seizure of all those articles.Now the drama begun in the local police station, where they took us all for ‘counseling’… When I produced the AB order that I’ve got, the local ASI said that ‘we are not going to arrest you anyway, so this AB is of no use for you. They’ve come from Orissa and even the case is not registered as an FIR directly with the police stn. Its registered as a complain case with the SDJM, Bhubaneswar, and is referred to the Mahila PS, Bhubaneswar for FIR registration & investigation.’
Then the local SI came and asked me if I’m ready to accept her back. I said clearly, with the FIR alive, its not possible. I’m ready to accept her gladly if she gives in writing that all the allegations in there are false and withdraws the case (Which I know cannot be done).
So they said fine, if u r not ready to ‘compromise’ then we’ll present you before the judge here (’cause its more than 30hrs journey back to Orissa, and they’ve to produce me within 24hrs). I said fine.Meanwhile our SIF brothers arrived at the PS for some great moral support and also amazingly helpful suggestions. They coordinated with my lawyer on my behalf and prepared a cool petition for applying to the judge for a transit bail.
And finally by night around 9pm I got a bail for 15 days to help me get a bail in Bhubaneswar. I’ll be getting the final order today from the court after depositing the surety amount.
This was a GREAT defeat for my in-laws as they paid a lot to the policemen to come all the way here, just to see us behind bars or at least in hand-cuffs with their own eyes. But they never imagined that I had such strong backup here and will get out of their hands so easily.
I’m so thankful to all the SIF Bangalore brothers who were right there exactly when I needed some close friends, and they proved much more than the closest friends I could ever have.
THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN, BROTHERS! I can never forget yesterday!