After a lot of running around, we (me & parents) finally got a regular bail from SDJM, Bhubaneswar yesterday, right on the last day of the 15 day transit bail period. It was not at all easy here at Bhubaneswar…
My in-laws and the police have very well planned it all to make sure we are booked in for atleast 15-20 days before getting any bail… Even though they registered the case on 18th Sept’07 which got registered with the Mahila PS, Bhubaneswar only on 2nd Oct’07, but they came to arrest us on 30th Nov’07. Later, when I went to BBSR, I came to know their real plan. There was an indefinite lawyers strike going on in BBSR and no lawyer was allowed to plead in the courts during the cease-work.
So my in-laws were dead sure, that I’m not going to escape this time, and there’s no way I can get a bail within the 15 days time, after which the police can easily come with an arrest warrant and put us in. But fortunately I got another great lawyer from Cuttack, who did manage to get us a bail right on the last day, in spite of all the efforts from the in-laws to stop the bail.
Now I came to know that I’m perhaps the first case from Orissa who managed to get a regular bail without a single day in the jail. 🙂
And all this became possible, not just because of any luck factor, but because I was well prepared and armed with complete set of shields to save me and my parents from the abuse of this law… After getting the threatenings from my wife and in-laws, I immediately got ourselves an anticipatory bail in Bangalore and waited for the fateful day. When it did arrive, even though this AB won’t be valid in Orissa, only due to this AB, i got the transit bail in Bangalore itself. Then again due to the presence of both the AB & the TB, the judge in Bhubaneswar had no other go than to grant us the regular bail too… 🙂
Knowledge and preparation does wonders to your case…