As we all know how badly the marital laws in India like 498A and DV etc have been drafted and these are being used as tools to harass innocent husbands and their families to extort money from them.
As per NCRB data every four minutes a husband is arrested in a false dowry case, every one hour a senior citizen is arrested, every 2 hours a child is arrested, every hour a pregnant woman is arrested and a family is broken just because of the way these laws can be misused.Many people in India still think that they can be arrested under this offense only if they have demanded dowry or taken it. But what they do not know is the fact that any married woman can make this complaint and the husband and his family is immediately arrested and even denied bail and are held “Guilty until proven innocent.” It will be a long trial of 5-6 or may be upto 10 yrs after which the truth will come out, but by then everything is finished. The man and his family has already been harassed to such an extent that justice is peanuts compared to the ordeal undergone, just because of the presence of loosely drafted draconian laws and their rampant misuse and of course the lies unleashed by the vindictive wives and money begging, greedy Father-in-laws.On this day 19th Jan 2008 SIFF Bangalore is planning to hold a Dharna in Bangalore. We would request maximum members to make this Dharna a success by their presence. The more the merrier.
Think of this day 19th Jan 2008 is as important in our lives as if we are getting a judgment in a false 498A case or we are getting the custody of our child or a false maintenance case is going in our favor.
So we have to make it a point to attend this Dharna and make it a huge success making it a citadel of our awareness creation campaign, our demand for a Men’s Ministry and our demand for a proper review of the marital laws to make them gender-neutral and implement them effectively so that they can be used to make and NOT break families.
Update: We got permission from Police Commissioner’s office (DCP) to hold the protest on 19th January in front of Gandhi Statue on MG Road.
The accommodations for out-station activists is planned. They will be staying in 4 to 5 houses of SIF members.
We are inviting the IT Company HR heads, Nasscom and also a famous CEO. We will also conduct a press conference 3 days before the Dharna.
Not only SIF activists, but every Indian from all over the country is invited to attend the Protest/ Dharna to save the Institution of Family from getting abolished due to these stupid and clumsy laws.