It takes a man & a woman to make a relationship, known as marriage and the most beautiful outcome of such a relationship are children; beautiful, innocent, full of life, sweet, charming and hordes of other adjectives can be ascribed to them. But irony seems to have devoured this aspect of life today. Children of late have become a tool to obtain, maintain, and sustain supremacy and ego feeding in marriages. Whenever a relationship worsens, a tussle starts between the warring errant couples to get a good scorecard from their children and try to retain them. Many a times they are even used as a blackmailing weapon. Men are threatened of false legal cases if they make an attempt to meet their children. In such a war of egos, no-one, including the two individuals who brought them to this world together, ever bother to think about the rights and future of the children themselves.

Errant and vindictive mothers are often successful in getting custody of their children, courtesy, staunchly feminist nymphomaniac mindset of the judiciary giving in to crocodile tears and false show of motherhood in the courts. This deprives two individuals of their rights, the child and the father. A child is deprived of a father’s love, affection and care and the father is forced to strangulate his fatherhood. The society and the judiciary need to be sensitized about the importance of the presence of both the parents for a child’s normal upbringing and in the best interest of the child’s future. USA has shown us the catastrophic effects of creating Fatherless Children and Childless Fathers. Teenage Pregnancy, Alcohol addiction in adolescence, high inclination to crimes and many other ill-effects have come to forth in the American Society, courtesy feminism taking its toll with its anti-men policy. With draconian laws favouring women irrespective of merits in Indian legal scenario, Indian society is moving with a dramatic pace towards self-extinction.

CRISP (Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting) an initiative taken under the aegis of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) has made its mission to voice the cries of innocent sufferers and sensitize the society about the dire need of both the parents and especially a father in a child’s life. Announcing its launch on 14th June 2008 in front of Gandhi Statue on MG Road, near Cubbon Park, Bangalore CRISP invites people to participate in this noble cause and make an attempt to save the society from a potential and impending catastrophe.