Surprised? Yes, In India it is legal in a different way! Thanks to the NCW (National Criminal Wives) and WCD (Wives’ Criminal Division) ministry.
As per one written law, prostitution is illegal, but again there is another written law by which only the customers of the prostitutes are termed as criminals, while the prostitutes (no matter how ‘professional’ they are) are always termed as victims!
Then there is one more written law which allows all the married women to use their husbands as free ATM machines; i.e. if for ANY reason there is a quarrel in the marriage, and the wife (or her parents/siblings) thinks, at that moment, that SHE doesn’t want to live with the man any longer, she can immediately file a false criminal complaint against the whole family of husband and just with her verbal complaint the husband’s whole family (even if the other family members had never even seen the wife) would be thrown behind the bars by the police without a bit of investigation. Thereafter, as a bargaining power, the wife is given the rights, as per 2 more written laws, to demand ANY amount of money from the husband to ‘relieve’ his family of the undue harassment.
Quite obviously, when a wife is given rights to demand money from her husband legally, as a (so called) ‘relief’ even for a FALSE ‘domestic violence’ complaint, I’d like to call it “LEGAL PROSTITUTION”. Isn’t it the money extorted from the husbands to pay such unscrupulous wives legally, just for sleeping with him for a few months?

So all these written laws in India, combined, has made prostitution very much legal in India! Want to become a prostitute? Come get married in India; you’ll get the legal status and also rights to demand money from the man in return of sleeping with him even for a few weeks or days! 😉