Himanshi Dhawan | TNN

New Delhi: A monthly newsletter — Indian Family Times — that has taken up a fight against the anti-dowry law on the internet, has invited contributors to post pictures and profiles of women who have “misused” the law to lodge false dowry cases against men.
The online newsletter, started this month, has also hailed Delhi Police commissioner Y S Dadwal as a “true patriot” while calling women and child development minister Renuka Choudhary a “pinhead”.
Terming IPC 498A or the anti-dowry law as “legal terrorism” — that was introduced with good intentions but has been plagued by bad execution — the newsletter claims that it will highlight the harrowing tales of victims who have fallen prey to the misuse.

This comes close on the heels of a consultation by the WCD ministry on the issue following criticism against the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Domestic Violence Act.
“The law is being used by unethical and immoral women and their families to harass the husband’s family, humiliate them to accept their improper and illegal demands, and extort money,” the newsletter said. The e-zine (
July-08-Issue) has a “hall of shame” that includes a woman’s name, address, educational qualifications and her family details warning prospective “grooms” to keep away. Its “success story” has details of a man who has been successful in escaping the “trap”.
The publication lauds Dadwal for issuing standing instructions that no arrests except for the husband’s be made in 498A cases without the permission of the DCP. Referring to WCD minister Renuka Choudhary, the newsletter says that “for her actions against the Indian family and her crazy comments, Ms Choudhary is a pinhead”.
Reacting sharply to the remarks, Choudhary said, “This is classic male behaviour. I really pity these men… this is no way to change the system.” Referring to the newsletter’s move to include women’s profiles and pictures, Choudhary added, “It is a democracy and they are free to do what they
want but it is an unfortunate thing that they want to put up women’s pictures like this. Do we have to upload pictures of dead wives and sisters to make our point?”

Our response to Renuka’s frustration:

The above reactions by Ms. Renuka Choudhary , proves behond resonable doubt, that she is not only a male-hater (who said earlier, “Trust condoms, not men”), but also a pin head.

When we say, that we’ll publish pictures of women who misused the law to fulfill her own oblique motives, isn’t it quite obvious that we’re going to publish pictures of LIVE unscrupulous women? Who would want to publish pictures of dead persons like this? How can a dead person misuse the law? Think before you babble your frustrations out, Madam!

Moreover, According to the Crime Bureau data 2005 : 52k Married Men committed Suicide vs 28K of Married Women Suicides.
Again 2006 Crime Bureau Data : Married Men Suicides: 55452 vs. Married Women Suicides: 29869.

Still why is there no LAW to Protect Men?

Would our law makers change the LAW 304B( dowry death) to 304C(Sowry Death) and 498A (harassment to wife) to 498B (Sowry harrasement by wife)?