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The Honerable Minister,

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Sub: Ban NCW and their associates – for promotion of Legal Terrorism in India.

This is pertaining to the recent proposal of elevating the status of National Commission of Women to that of a court and giving powers equivalent of a Member of Parliament to the chairperson of the National Commission of Women.

Save Family Foundation, Delhi, a non – profit, non funded NGO promoted to the cause of spreading the message of gender equality and Family Harmony in the society since the past 2 – 3 years in addition to its efforts to help victims of misuse of marital laws and create awareness about the same has some strong objections to such a proposal and demand Ban of NCW and their associated organizations and Lawyers associated to them for their vested interests.

NCW is openly promoting the Legal Terrorism in this country through multiple duplications of LAW and violating the Indian constitutions article 14/20/21 and refuse to show any concern to protect the constitutional duty to save the “live and property of every citizens of India.”

Is this what women’s empowerment by Congress Govt?

Even it took British 10 years to arrest 5000 women( 1937-47) but our Indian Government arrested more than 95000 women ( 18 times ) in just 4 years ( 2004 – 2007).

The maximum women arrested even by barbaric British Goverment in 1930, approx 17000 women for their involvement Dandi Yatra (Salt March), which is much less than our Present Goverment done and our National commission of Women (NCW) and their associated are promoting the same even openly in Media/society/Parlament, which even Supreme Court of India also termed as “Legal Terrorism”!!!

When ever mother/sisters of a Husband go to them they simply refuse to listen any concern for them.

  • Every year more than 56000 married men end their life in unnatural death and they are save guarding the Husbands killers.
  • More than 15000 unmarried girls end their life every year, but not single girl’s parents/relative punished.
  • NCW provided the whole sale free license to kill the un-born child through special abortion law of this country, result more and more female fotecite.
  • Last four Years more than 1.2 lacks innocent women send behind the bar, but NCW always objected to make the 498A bailable.
  • NCW advocate the maintenance for adulterous women and so called live-in-women and denied the legal right of a legal wife.

Under the stewardship of the corrupt Girija Vyas, the NCW has been turning into the National Commission for extortion of money and property form innocent people. Age old people had been thrown out form their own home or grab their own money/property through 498A/Dvact/CRPC125 and provided duplications of law for the same relief and increasing the money earning business for lawyers .

If you wonder why we call her corrupt, then read the Indian Express expose about the petrol pump scam. Here is the link about the Petrol Pump Scam: Indian Express Dirt On Girjia Vyas’s involvement In The Petrol Pump Scam

Some excerpts:

  • Considering that two members of the DSB were officers from oil companies which is controlled by the Petroleum Ministry, the judges were of the opinion that Vyas’s position in the Consultative Committee resulted in a biased evaluation of qualifications.
  • Vyas failed to fully disclose her income. A letter from Registrar of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University showed that Vyas was working as an Associate Professor until October 10, 1999 whereas the income statement furnished by her did not indicate the amount received from the University during April-September 1999.
  • Vyas did not include the pension she receives for being an ex-MLA while certifying that her income was below the mandatory Rs 2-lakh ceiling. Vyas was MLA from Udaipur City during 1985-1990.
  • Dealer selection rules seek a full-time dealer to run the pumps. The committee was of the view that Vyas should have resigned from Parliament after her selection. Vyas did not do so.

In effect, she lied and pulled strings for personal gain. If that isn’t corrupt then what is?

The corrupt Girija Vyas and her hand maidens have not raised a peep of a protest about the more than 1Lakh women, including our mom and sister, who have been jailed illegally under the stupid women protection laws they champion. You can read about the stats here:

It has just come to our notice that NCW now want to have the powers of a court, a berth at the Union cabinet, the perks and rank of union ministers of state and immunity for all their Legal Terrorism. We are just surprised that they haven’t asked for Z category protection from the numerous women of the country, illegally jailed.

A lot of perks for these fatties and they have done nothing to reduce trafficking of women, made fools out of themselves in the Pooja Chauhan case and we don’t even want to get into Nithari.

Chief Information Commissioner blasted and show caused NCW as recent as 20/08/08 on its regular functioning and gave the following order pertaining to a RTI on Nithari episode

The Hon’ble CIC, has berated the NCW for sloppy record keeping. Here are two excerpts from the judgment of the CIC:

  • Having heard the arguments and examined the files we are constrained to observe withy deep regret the lack of a functional system in the National Commission for Women in dealing with so important a case that was brought before the NCW by Commander Lokesh K. Batra. It is strongly recommended under the authority vested in us by Sec 19 (8) sub-section (a) to the Ministry of Women & Child Development that the Ministry institute a regular administrative structure for the Commission, which will then bring its functioning into conformity with the RTI Act, 2005 by instituting a system of maintenance of records in keeping with Sec 4(1), particularly sub-section (a). This exercise may be completed within thirty days of the issue of this decision notice under intimation to Sh PKP Shreyaskar, Jt Registrar, Central Information Commission.
  • In this file the answers which can be deemed inadequate by the complainant are the answers to question No. 1 & 3. Simply because the web page contains a title RTI Act, informing appellant as much does not amount to an adequate response to an RTI request where under information u/s 7 (9) is excepted to be provided in the form in which it is sought. Besides, leave and tour records on Government account are excepted to be kept by any respectable govt. office. The plea taken by the CPIO that the information sought is cumbersome which cannot be provided is, therefore, specious. If the NCW has been so lackadaisical hitherto as to neglect its duty to conform to the Sec 4 (1) sub-section (b) (iv)of the RTI Act,2005 it will do so now, by publishing the norms set by it for the discharge of its functions, in consonance with our decision on File CIC/WB/C/2008/00426. The information sought under both heads will be provided to the appellant, Cdr Lokesh Batra within 15 working days of the date of issue of the decision notice. Because the information sought was not provided in the time mandated under law, it will be provided free of cost as per Sec 7(6) of the RTI Act Moreover, we find a failure to respond within the mandated time limit to the application of 20.12.2007. PIO Shri Yogesh Mehta will, therefore Show-cause as to why he should not be held liable for a penalty of Rs. 25,000/- for the delay between 20.1.2008 when the response became due up to 9.5.2008 when it was actually provided, a delay of 110 days @ Rs. 250/- per day not exceeding Rs. 25,000/-. He can do this either in writing by 10th September, 2008 or by personal appearance before us on 29th September, 2008 at 12.30 p.m. On the basis of this explanation we will also take a decision on compensation payable, if any, as prayed by appellant Cmdr Batra.

These women’s commissions are corrupt. To illustrate read the links below:

Recently,  a SIF volunteer forced the NCW to admit to lying through an RTI. You can read about that here: (Latest News Section at

In the response to the RTI, they said to have gathered those stats from the in house study they had conducted. It looks like a majority of the members/staff NCW appear to be accused of adultery or are living in sin, at least this is what can be deduced from the reply of the NCW’s PIO.

Here are the details of what they want:

  • Sub-section 4 : the following sub-section shall be substituted – ‘The Commission shall, while investigating any matter referred to in sub-section (1), or inquiring into any complaints under this Act, have all the powers of a Civil court trying a suit under the code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908), and in particular in respect of the following matter, – a) summoning and enforcing the attendance of witnesses any person of India and examining them on oath, ii) discovery and inspection, c) receiving evidence on affidavits, d) requisitioning any public record or copy thereof from any court or office, e) issuing commissions and f) impounding of documents and retaining in custody for a specified period.

Or in other words NCW will start impounding passports/grab the salary/property etc etc as per their wish and no one should questions them.

  • Section 16D: Protection of action taken in good faith – No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall be against the Commission, or any member, Commissioner, officer or servant of the Commission in respect of anything which is in good faith done or intended or remained to be done under this Act. The Status of the Chairperson and Members of the Commission: The Commission suggested that the Chairperson of NCW be given the status of the Union Cabinet Minister and the Members that of Minister of State.

It looks like Girija Vyas now wants to turn this Constitutional body into an extra constitutional one.

If so why need the Court/Judges/Police force/Parliament/ministry in this country?

Isn’t there something called separation of powers?

Heck, even the PM of India doesn’t have these powers. This shows how little they know about governance and the structure of government. Do you now realize why we call them to ban as they are more dangerous than organizations like SIMI in this country?

NCW want whole sale free license to do the legal terrorism and no should question them for their wrong doing and they want to be above the law.

They think the pain of a mother or sisters are negligible when they loss their son or brothers and they same to be termed as Social service in this country.

Girija Vyas is a spent force. She lost her last election and somehow landed this job by playing politics. This is a nice way to get a cabinet berth and by pass the election commissions laws on disclosure of assets and other niceties.

This is Devious and insidious.

Hence our request to you , immediately ask them to stop the Legal Terrorism in this country by more and more duplications of LAW, instead of working the real well fare of women in terms of educations/job and equal right at their own parental home first.


Ban the NCW immediately to save the lacks of innocent women/men/child/age old people of this country whose life and property had been extorted by NCW and their associated organizations.

With High Regards

(Save Family Foundation, Delhi)

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Further CC to all for your kind necessary actions:

1.Dr. Manmohan Singh,Prime Minister of India,South Block, Raisina Hill,New Delhi, 110 011

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