Corporate Logo498A India Ltd., A Govt of India Undertaking

Just like India has many shady unorganized sectors like Gambling, Hawala and other clandestine operations, this is a sector which has witnessed the most growth. 498A and its related operations are hence forth referred to as “498A India Ltd.” just to honor this law which has forced revenue generation from the Indian populace. 498A Indian Ltd. today is a Rs. 3000 Crore a year company.

If the Govt of India would list “498A India Ltd.” in any of the stock exchanges today this is how the company report would look like. It would most certainly be listed as a “Navratna Company”.

Growth: 498A India Ltd. has grown at a faster rate than any industry in India, be it IT or BPO. This sector has grown almost 120% in the last 12 years. From just 28,579 cases in 1995 the number of cases has grown to 63,128 in 2007.

People Outreach: The balance sheet of the company is completely black. Its organizational activities has touched the life of almost 10,00,000 ( 10 Lakh ) people since 1999 who have been arrested under various frivolous allegations. That’s a phenomenal number since if we manage to determine that the average cost of bail posted by a single person is at least Rs 10,000 then the revenue generated by the government from the bail itself is.

1000000 x Rs 1000 = Rs 1000 Crores

Although it is a fact that according to government rules the bail money is to be returned to the payer at the end of the trial, how many people actually get it, or are in state to run around seeking the bail amount back is a question that needs to be answered. In India now more than 30% bail applications are for 498A accused only. It does not take much to notice that “498A India Ltd.’s” main product is a tool that forces the husband’s family to become a goose that is then forced to lay golden eggs for all the shareholders of the company.

Flagship Products

498A India Ltd.’s sales has clocked 120% growth over the past 12 years and registered phenomenal returns on almost zero investment. Customers using this tool have to just file a simple complaint and this tool takes care of the rest. The company has not changed its product for the past 25 years but the use of the product has grown astronomically. There has no tests done by the company to study the effects of its products have on the people on whom it has been misused although reliable reporting shows that people on whom their products are misused are harassed and extorted to no end and eventually many commit suicide. The party using the products of 498A India Ltd. almost always get richer by a lot of lakhs while the party on which the products are used suffer irrespective of gender, age or role in the family. Also another spectacular thing about the product is that it is misused 98% of time (as per official CSR records) and is almost never used in the right way.

Board of Directors

The Board is appointed by the Govt of India and controls this organization with an iron fist. They always turn a blind eye to the people on whom the company’s products have had an adverse effect. The board has total immunity from any prosecution that might result from harm caused due to the misuse of the company’s products. They also do not think twice before fudging numbers to show that that there is increasing customer demand for their products and as a result they recommend that more such companies like 498A Indian Ltd. must be started like “DV Act India Ltd.” and “Sexual Harassment Act India Ltd.”.

Employee Welfare and Customer care

498A India Ltd. prides itself in being an employer of choice and takes a lot of care of its customers too. The company protects their customers who have misused its products by making themselves and their customers immune to prosecution for misuse. So the “498A India Ltd.” customers are the happiest lot since they get to misuse the products of the company as and when they wish for their materialistic desires and then just walk away with a big booty.


The primary shareholders in the company are the wives of India, The Police, judiciary, Lawyers, radical NGO’s and the all powerful national commission for women. Looking at the companies phenomenal returns the shareholders do not want to dilute or modify the company’s products as modification of the company’s products will result in decreased revenue for the company and its shareholders.

Private Investment

This company also attracts lots of private investment from organizations like the UNIFEM and UNO. This is mainly due to the doctored customer demand reports that are submitted by the chairperson of the company to the press and media. These private grants encourage the company to create many smaller companies like “DV Act India Ltd.” and “All Deaths are Dowry death India Ltd.”.

Public Sentiment for the company

The people on whom the company’s products have been misused and who are the 98% majority here are too weak and suffering to even respond. But there are a lot of young and old people in India who want the company’s products to be modified in a way that they cannot be misused and if misused there be adequate avenues to prosecute the misusers. The chairperson of the company is trying her best at fudging numbers to project to the government and the media that their 25 year old product still confirms with the current quality standards and is never misused. They also fudge numbers to show that the customer demand is increasing at a phenomenal rate for similar products and thus more such companies must be set up to serve the customers better.

Final Thought

The Greed of a few people is eating away into the nations family system while the Govt of India is still deep in slumber. The Govt does not realize that the profits made by 498A India Ltd. is actually being paid for by the people of India on whom the company’s products are being brutally misused. The govt. must realize that although the company was formed with the noble intention of producing products for defense of the innocent, it has now turned into a company that produces products for “Legal terrorists” with which these terrorists then unleash extreme pain and suffering on the Indian populace and then walk away unscathed. The Govt must immediately adopt stringent guidelines for the use of the company’s products so that misuse is curtailed and the misusers of its products are then prosecuted at the Government’s expense.