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On Sunday the 2nd November 2008, the television news channel IBN 7 in its program “Zindagi Live” highlighted the issue of dowry deaths with the background demand of increasing the limit of seven years for presumption of dowry death to lifetime.

Save Indian Family Foundation severely and strongly condemns the show as it spreads poison in the society by creating false alarm of the deplorable state of women. And that too by showcasing the case of a Legal Terrorist called Nisha Sharma who did not hesitate in putting her wannabe husbands and in-laws in jail under a false dowry case just to elope with her boyfriend.

Showcasing women of such loose morale as epitomes of women’s troubles can be becoming of radical feminists organizations operating their shop of selling women’s rights but not of responsible media channels like IBN7 who had earlier participated with Save Family Foundation, Delhi in creating awareness against Legal Terrorism where women-centric laws are used to encash a bad marriage.

Questions to be asked here:

  • When Nisha Sharma has openly admitted to giving dowry which is a crime as per Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, why is she roaming freely?
  • Why is NCW supporting dowry givers when it says it wants to eradicate dowry system from India?
  • Why is NCW not emphasizing the role of Dowry Prohibition Officers to investigate dowry exchanges during marriage itself?
  • Why is NCW not stopping extravagant marriages?
  • Over 19,000 unmarried women are committing suicide before marriage. Why are their parents not held guilty?
  • Why is every death of married women converted to dowry death be it due to any reason like accident, illness, chronic medication or suicide due to self-guilt feelings?
  • Why is the media silent on all these issues?

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