Two committed suicide due to the harassment by Wife (Vijaya Karnataka).

In one incident wife picked up fight for silly reason and went to her sister house, depressed husband ended his life in Hongasandra and in another incident wife’s behavior of leading luxurious life was the reason for another suicide by husband who was taxi driver.

Incident 1

Balu (35) resident of Hongasandra was a painter. He has been married for past 12 years and had two children.

Both husband-wife frequently indulged in fights. Two days before Balu’s wife had gone to her sister house after a quarrel with her husband.  The disheartened Balu went to his mother and told that he was deeply hurt by this incident and wanted to end his life. His mother consoled and advised him not to do so.

But, after returning to his house, after 10:30pm Balu had tried to commit suicide by hanging himself, but fell down as the rope got cut. Due to respiration problem he passed away after few minutes.  When wife returned back on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 pm she gave complaint to police regarding husbands suicide.

Incident 2

A.M Jagadish Singh (45) committed suicide. The reason of this incident was illicit behavior of wife by which she wanted to lead a lavish and luxurious life made the husband to end his life by committing suicide.

Both husband-wife always indulged in quarrel. On Wednesday morning when the wife went to drop her daughter to tution, the husband has committed sucide.