Dear Jehadis,

We will not feel any difference whether you attack us or not, because we men of India are already under the threat of Legal Terrorism. There won’t be anything new if you arrive here.

As per AajTak (Sabse Tej), we came to know that you are situated just 700 km away from India somewhere in SWAT in Pakistan. We heartily welcome you. In India you will be safe, because India is the only country where criminals can get full freedom and innocent people are put behind bars without any investigation. Don’t worry about Intelligence of India. I see AajTak daily, I see a lot of bearded brothers (Talibans) with AK56 and Bazookas, but suddenly this channel shows marquee of “BREAKING NEWS” and shows how Chand ditched Fiza and dowry etc.; this is your insult as they stop broadcasting and highlighting you. As you have training camps in SWAT and Afghanistan, we also have training camps in Police Stations, Courts and Lawyers to produce Legal Terrorists. Even media sponsors the Legal Terrorism in Sansani etc.

No married man in India has any power. As we marry, our powers go away. Because in India we have a nice custom called Streedhan. Magically, this Streedhan is converted into Dowry (Dahej), as and when wife does not find any other way to suck the blood out of her Husband and in-laws.

So, women in India fight for Dahej and you fight for Jehad. (Total co-incidence)

We can not welcome you like Renuka ji welcomes USAID and UNICEF. Married men are very poor in India. But, yes we can give you submission of some  nice targets to warm up your trip to India. Here we go…

No. 1: Start with all the “corrupted” politicians (its really very easy to find out corrupt politicians for simple warm up session). Even when they are in Z+ security you can shoot them easily, because there is no Man in Indian Police.

No. 2: You tell Renuka that “We are the same, we both get fund for terror from America…”. Actually, she is better terrorist than you, and she has a brutal death in her destiny, as per one Saadhu in Himalaya (Note: The saadhu and his family was victimized by his wife under section 498A in 1991).

No. 3: Teach women of India to fight ethically like you (we have a course ready with us).

No. 4: During this warm-up, lot’s of Taliban can get caught by eunuch Police and Judiciary. So, obviously during their judicial custody these Taliban can meet falsely accused of 498A to learn the modes-operandi of Renuka ji. You will come to know the stories of innocent people suffering without any cause. You will find lot’s of points to apply brutality.

I think these four points are enough for now. If you succeed, then you can fight with us.

Ofcourse, I’d like to tell you one more thing, the legal system is completely broken and defunct in India. It will collapse by itself. You will find nothing here. Men are being terrorized already by booking them in DV and 498A etc. and 125 IPC and 24 HMA to break them financially, as Honda City cars are given as  alimony to women in India. You will only pull your hair. And finally you will waste your precious time watching accused fighting for justice in place of victims.

That’s all for now. I need to prepare for the next date in court to get justice.

Keep in touch.

Disclaimer: In case the contents above resembles the reality of today’s India, then we’re not responsible.