India: First they were arrested for the mere offence of giving birth to a male child or sharing a womb with a man and put in jail. Then they were accused of demanding dowry, harassing a woman physically and mentally, and burning brides, without any trace of evidence. But their woes did not end there.

Even though 1,23,497 women were granted bail in the last four years, they cannot avoid running around courts for years together due to unscrupulous and corrupt police and judicial authorities. So week after week, and month after month, they have to visit the court house for the sin of wanting to have their sons married, and maybe, raise grandchildren in a society that doesn’t know the meaning of `family’ anymore.

Of the arrested, even those who coughed up a surety of Rs 20,000 and Rs 3,000 towards bail and lakhs of rupees towards lawyers fees could not get any relief from legal terrorism because their shrill cries for justice did not reach the ears of the judiciary, law makers and elected leaders. Even the National Commission for Women said to the few women who approached it for justice that they do not make the cut because NCW only caters to the needs of Criminal Wives. Seeing this, the remaining women could not even mobilise enough courage to speak up.

Families of those arrested have been going through a harrowing time, most of which is spent in a police station, lawyer’s office or court waiting to be freed from legal harassment and cherish good times with their loved ones at home. Though the lawyers for the arrested kept assuring the relatives that the cases would soon end and justice would be delivered in time, it was not to be. The behavior of lethargic judicial authorities made it clear the process will take many years and sacrifice many more lives.

In the last four years, over 4 lakh persons (including more than 1 lakh women) were arrested by the police for just being born men or relatives of men. The police could not help but arrest and produce them before the court, as they are told that harassing the innocent was the only way they could empower women. They were taken to the magistrate’s house and remanded to judicial custody. Later, all the arrested were sent to jail for variable durations ranging between 2 days up to several weeks in some cases.

Though the police failed to recover any evidence of dowry or harassment, the police continued to maintain that the accused were indeed criminals because “she said so”. The trials of all the arrested are yet to come to an end.

The police had raided houses being occupied by those who are called `law-abiding common men and women’ all over India mostly during ungodly hours and weekends. The police raided the houses after receiving complaints from some unscrupulous, vindictive wife about dowry demands and abuse. Though the police could not find any signs of crime at the houses of the accused, they dragged the husbands, along with kith and kin to the nearest police station.

The police had also arrested children, pregnant women, elderly persons and in some cases even individuals ailing from chronic diseases. Many innocent people, who lost faith in the law enforcement system, are now absconding or committing suicides. Cases against husbands and in-laws are made out through oral or written complaints with a list of accused including those living as far as Dublin when the crime is said to have happened in Delhi.

The racket of legal terrorism and extortion supposedly started in the early 80’s. Around the late seventies feminazis of India got a wake-up call from their Western sisters. Around the early 80’s the feminazis of India embarked on a large-scale anti-male, anti-family propaganda and invented a recipe for Indian family destruction. The feminazis even waited for a few years to launch a full-blown attack on Indian families since it was too incondusive to attack all
citizens at once.

Article inspired by this news item.

By Uma Challa