Guide to Survival

A Guide To Surviving IPC 498A is here to enable you to have the information and the necessary tools to protect yourself and your family from the legal terrorism, my family and I had to undergo. I put this document and the supporting material in the form of judgments/links/articles to enable you to fight this extortion racket known as Section 498A Of the Indian Penal Code.

Get from here: A Guide To Surviving IPC 498A (550Kb Pdf) -Updated Apr/2008

Please start by reading the document above. The document is fully bookmarked. Enable bookmarks in Acrobat for easy navigation. Download a copy and keep it with you for reference. Read the judgments and the articles on the Indian police to inform, educate and empower yourself.

The Indian police force plays a huge role in this extortion racket. However, you will be surprised to know that time and again, the Supreme Court has sided with the public and has shown that the powers of the police are very limited and that they cannot behave like goons without consequences. You can also file for compensation in the event of illegal detention by the police.

All the documents are in pdf format. In case you are not able to open it, you can get a free reader from here or from here.

If you are looking for urgent help, contact SIF India. If you reside outside India, contact They have helplines. Click here if you want to join SIF.

Some things you MUST know:


Compendium Of Judgments:

For NRIs:

Documents on the Indian Police:

CBI Manuals:
The CBI is the premier investigative agency of our country and I have a lot of respect for the capabilities of these guys. I just wish they would be a little more diligent before filing red corner notices against NRIs accused in dowry cases. In a sense they are insulting their own intelligence.
These manuals are a great source for detailing the process of investigation of cognizable offenses and also the laws of arrest. These are in the public domain (Internet) and I stumbled across them by accident; a gift from the gods. I believe that these manuals can serve as a good reference to file RTIs against corrupt police officers. Read these documents and you will get a clear idea of what the police are actually supposed to do upon the registration of cognizable offenses.

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  1. The Sentinel
    May 06, 2008 @ 02:45:12

    This is the latest version of the 498A Survival Guide. Please update your link.

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