Sexual Harassment Bill to contain misuse clause !!!

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Finally, SIF’s voice is not only being heard but also been given due consideration.After relentless pressure on Law Ministry, the misuse clause in the proposed “Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment Bill” is going to be included. This is just a small victory for SIF, as we have a long way to go.

It was not at all an easy win. WCD, NCW and Lawyer’s Collective tried their best to thwart the effort. They even recommended to delete the Clause 12, that deals with punishment for the women who misuse Sexual Harassment at Work Place law. It really amuses me with the kind of logic these feminists use. The proposed bill offers redressal measures for women employee at workplaces who have been victim of sexual harassment. The procedures defines that the organisaton will have an internal committee that will look after such cases and guilty will be punished as per their defined service rules. When talking of misuse, these feminists say Indian Penal Code contains provisions to deal with misuse of law. The need is to strengthen it. It is really laughable, when the law in itself is not covered by IPC, how come IPC section come into play when there is misuse. Law Ministry has rightly dismissed the logic.

This brings to an important aspect. 498A, 304 B and DV Act are separate provisions, dealing specifically with grievances of a wife. Aren’t these greivences covered under IPC. We have extortion law for demand for dowry, murder law for dowry death and hurt law for domestic violence. Where has their logic of strengthening IPC gone ? Why do they want a separate law when issues of wife are concerned ?

When it comes to misuse of law, they talk about provision already in IPC and when it comes to cruelty on wife, they want a separate law even when IPC provides for it. This could only be to meet specific agenda of extorting under the legal framework.

Legalised Extortion, a la feminist style.

E-zine supports ‘harassed’ men

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Himanshi Dhawan | TNN

New Delhi: A monthly newsletter — Indian Family Times — that has taken up a fight against the anti-dowry law on the internet, has invited contributors to post pictures and profiles of women who have “misused” the law to lodge false dowry cases against men.
The online newsletter, started this month, has also hailed Delhi Police commissioner Y S Dadwal as a “true patriot” while calling women and child development minister Renuka Choudhary a “pinhead”.
Terming IPC 498A or the anti-dowry law as “legal terrorism” — that was introduced with good intentions but has been plagued by bad execution — the newsletter claims that it will highlight the harrowing tales of victims who have fallen prey to the misuse.

This comes close on the heels of a consultation by the WCD ministry on the issue following criticism against the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Domestic Violence Act.
“The law is being used by unethical and immoral women and their families to harass the husband’s family, humiliate them to accept their improper and illegal demands, and extort money,” the newsletter said. The e-zine (
July-08-Issue) has a “hall of shame” that includes a woman’s name, address, educational qualifications and her family details warning prospective “grooms” to keep away. Its “success story” has details of a man who has been successful in escaping the “trap”.
The publication lauds Dadwal for issuing standing instructions that no arrests except for the husband’s be made in 498A cases without the permission of the DCP. Referring to WCD minister Renuka Choudhary, the newsletter says that “for her actions against the Indian family and her crazy comments, Ms Choudhary is a pinhead”.
Reacting sharply to the remarks, Choudhary said, “This is classic male behaviour. I really pity these men… this is no way to change the system.” Referring to the newsletter’s move to include women’s profiles and pictures, Choudhary added, “It is a democracy and they are free to do what they
want but it is an unfortunate thing that they want to put up women’s pictures like this. Do we have to upload pictures of dead wives and sisters to make our point?”


Survey: Domestic Violence on Married Men

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We all know that men are victims of heavy and intense domestic violence at the hands of wives and in–laws, but sadly neither does one realize nor feel the need to do anything about this. This also includes those men who face it. And sadly, the only statistics shown to the world is the (much less, actually) DV on women. Below is the survey of domestic violence on men. Please fill it to add your plight to the (much more widespread) statistics.



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Every 5 minutes an innocent man is arrested

Every 20 minutes an innocent woman is arrested

Every 2.5 hours an innocent elderly person is arrested

under IPC SECTION 498A

…without proof or investigation

…upon mere allegations of cruelty or dowry harassment.

YOU could be arrested too,

treated guilty until proven innocent,

forced to endure 7-10 years of false prosecution,

ONLY because you are a husband or relative of a husband.


mother and sister are not considered women,

elder abuse is considered social service.

Join us in our


and raise your voice against misuse of IPC Section 498A

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Contact: 9704683163 (Smt. Challa Uma)


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