Legal Terrorism and Illegitimate Legislation

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In recent years, the number of abusers of women protection legislation for personal gain or to settle scores has gone up substantially. Concomitantly, the numbers of false cases, the incidents of malfeasance, illegal detentions, police and judicial corruption as well as the backlog of unresolved cases have also skyrocketed. The trend shows no signs of waning. What makes this process so easy and convenient for the criminally minded individuals, families and state officials? The answer lies in the active state support and participation in this nefarious scheme of “legal terrorism”. While this state participation is occurring at the expense of the well-being of ordinary, law abiding citizens who have not violated any laws, the parasitic elements of the society like unethical lawyers, fund chasing and morally bankrupt feminists, lowly judiciary and corrupt police officials are immensely benefiting from this pernicious practice.

– What is the root cause for the proliferation of state sponsored legal terrorism in our country?

– Would the state sponsored legal terrorism cast its shadow in ever more areas of our public and private lives?

– Should the citizens be resigned to this state of affairs?

– What is the prognosis for the future?

In this article, I will attempt to address some of the concerns raised above.

Root Cause of Legal Terrorism is Illegitimate Legislation

The root cause of the state sponsored legal terrorism is the existence and passage of illegitimate legislation in our legal regime. Most reasonable and objective persons can quickly tell right from wrong and fair from unfair.  Thus most reasonable and objective people can also tell apart a legitimate law from an illegitimate one.

There can be several bases on which one can conclude a certain legislation to be illegitimate. However, most illegitimate legislation is identified by the following five characteristics –


According the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “all are equal before the law, and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law”. Any laws that are explicitly or implicitly discriminatory are illegitimate. Any demagogue would be tempted to play vote bank politics and pass discriminatory legislation that can rob the non-vocal minority off its legitimate protections that are hallmarks of any civilized society. In most civilized countries, constitution places limits on the illegitimate laws passed by the demagogues. For example, in the United States, any discriminatory legislation could be shot down by the Supreme Court of the US as unconstitutional if challenged. Such protections do not appear to exist in India. At least, the Supreme Court has not displayed the courage to declare discriminatory legislation as unconstitutional. Most of the ostensibly women protection laws in our country (like PWDVA, adultery laws, alimony laws) are discriminatory and thus illegitimate.

Presumption of guilt

As the jurisprudence evolved over the centuries, it has become an universally accepted maxim that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. It is always the responsibility of the accuser to prove the guilt. In modern India, this maxim has been subverted thoroughly. In the name of special protections, the accusers have been given free pass to accuse any person at their fancy. The state, in turn, has assumed the proxy role to prosecute the accused at the taxpayer’s expense while placing the burden of proving innocence on individual citizen. This is a monumental distortion of principles of justice. Any legislation that presumes the accused as guilty until proven innocent is illegitimate. The best examples are ipc304B and ipc498A.

Summary action

Legislation that allows summary action by the judges or other officials is also illegitimate. Summary action may include confiscation, imprisonment or other penalties. Watch out summary provisions in any legislation to declare it as an illegitimate legislation. PWDVA is the best example.

Multiple laws to confer the same benefit

Many a time, in spite of the existence of legal provisions addressing certain benefits under law, new laws are passed conferring the same benefit. This results in unscrupulous elements filing multiple cases under these differing legal provisions for the same benefit, thereby flooding the court system with frivolous and vexatious litigation. The best example of this practice is the alimony and maintenance laws like 125 Cr PC, Section 24 of HMA and PWDVA.

Based on anachronistic assumptions

Society is constantly changing and evolving. Legislation passed hundreds of years ago under colonial rule may not have any relevance in the modern times. Such legislation must be scrapped and replaced with modern legislation that reflects the realities of the current state of our country and its citizens. If you come across shrill voices opposing changes to anachronistic legislation, please understand that is an illegitimate legislation still existing in our law books. It is time to agitate for changing such illegitimate anachronistic legislation. The best examples are the alimony and adultery laws in India wherein women are perpetually assumed to be victims even when they are the perpetrators.

The Real Victims

Who are the real victims of this legal terrorism?

Any unsuspecting individual who is compelled to defend oneself against charges under any illegitimate law automatically becomes a victim of that law. Law is a coercive state instrument. Inherent fairness is a fundamental pre-requisite for the citizens to have faith in the law. When the law fails the test of fairness, individuals charged under that law become victims of state sponsored legal terrorism. In those circumstances, the guilt or innocence of the individual becomes irrelevant. Do not inquire into the guilt or innocence of the individual when that individual is on the receiving end of illegitimate laws. Extend compassion and support to them unconditionally.

Strategies to counter Legal Terrorism and Illegitimate Legislation

Reposing faith in democratic institutions to counteract the evil consequences of illegitimate legislation may not always produce results. In fact, democracy uncurbed by the constitutional limits, as is the case in present India, will always result in the passage of illegitimate legislation to safeguard the interests of vocal sections of the population. Further, corruption also plays a major role in the passage and preservation of such legislation. Once the vested interests become entrenched, the ordinary citizens become powerless in the face of massive state power and state sponsored legal terrorism.

Are we, the ordinary citizens, helpless against this state sponsored travesty? Or are there any ways in which we can counter this?

Here I am outlining some strategies that can be employed collectively by the civil society to counter this menace.

Counsel the victims

This is by far the most important strategy. When an individual is pitted against the massive state machinery, the morale of the individual takes a massive beating. In many cases, the victims of legal terrorism, overwhelmed by the odds of fighting the corrupt state machinery out to persecute them, end their lives. When such demoralized individuals come in contact with other victims, their feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness tend to be alleviated substantially. The mere act of listening to their sad plight gives them courage and strength to fight back against the injustice. Besides, the victims can learn from each other and support each other in various other ways. In fact, the common suffering will prove to be a strong bond that will result in lasting friendships. I implore all the victims reading this article to become counselors. (See above on “The Real Victims”)

Show contempt

As Mahatma Gandhi said, cooperating with evil is worse than the evil itself. The illegitimate legislation must be held in utmost contempt it rightly deserves. Just because it was passed by the parliament, it does not become legitimate if it has failed the test of fairness as discussed above. Pay particular attention to the shrill voices of vested interests that defend the illegitimate legislation.  Check on their backgrounds and understand how these vested interests stand to benefit from the existence of the illegitimate laws. Argue with them and expose them at every opportunity.

Spread awareness

Another related strategy is spreading awareness in the society about the existence of these illegitimate laws. Most of the victims of legal terrorism are caught unawares when a barrage of criminal and civil cases hits them like bolt of lightning from the blue skies. Until it happens to them, most citizens are blissfully ignorant of such laws. In fact, one of the main secrets of the propagators of illegitimate legislation is obfuscation. These propagators deliberately hide the most pernicious provisions they included in these laws in most open debates. As soon as the heat is turned up in any debate, they slip back in to platitudes and lies. The best example of this deception is “Karan Thapar vs Renuka Chaudhary” debate in which Renuka Chaudhary fell back to her rhetorical lies like “every minute a woman is burned for dowry” or something on those lines, when sustained questioning by Karan made her squirm.  One of the best weapons to fight the illegitimate laws and legal terrorism is spreading awareness. Internet will play a significant role in spreading awareness about illegitimate legislation.

Social boycott and ostracism

Finally, the most potent weapon to counter legal terrorism is the social boycott and ostracism of its perpetrators. Most relationships and transactions in our traditional society are carried out based on trust and reputation of the families. No sane person would like to enter into any marital relationship with a family who ruthlessly used the illegitimate legislation to unleash legal terrorism on another family.  Exposing the truth about the perpetrators of legal terrorism will be enough to caution other families that plan to enter into any kind of relationship with them.

Prognosis for the future

The strategies outlined above will prove to be the philosophical underpinnings for the resistance movements that will proliferate across the country to counter the menace of legal terrorism. Save Indian Family Foundation is the best example of such social resistance movement that is employing the above strategies successfully to counter the evil consequences of illegitimate women protection legislation in India.



Renuka Chowdhury, 54 MoS (Independent Charge) for Women & child Development

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New Delhi: Renuka Chowdhury, 54 MoS (Independent Charge) for Women & child Development

Result: -1/10

She was given independent charge of the Women and Child Development Ministry in 2006 after WCD, earlier under the Human Resource Development Ministry, was made a separate ministry. After three years, there is no marked difference in the condition of women and children in the country.

Her brief

In its manifesto in 2004, the Congress said that a nutritious mid-day cooked meal scheme will be introduced in primary and secondary schools across the country and the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) will be universalised to provide for a functional anganwadi in every settlement and full coverage for children below the age of six. Chowdhury was also expected to reduce incidences of maternal and child mortality and malnutrition.

Reforms derailed

In 1997, judicial guidelines were set on protection against sexual harassment at the workplace, but the “high priority bill” is still shuttling between the National Commission for Women (NCW) and WCD.

Child labour has not been abolished, apart from a few baby steps taken by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), under the WCD Ministry.

The demand for additional guaranteed financial support from the expenditure finance committee for the ambitious and controversial proposal to give fortified pre-packaged food—instead of hot cooked meals—to poor children as part of the revamp of the ICDS was trashed by the Planning Commission.


The UPA government dropped attempts to strengthen the anti-Sati law, more than 20 years after it was first enacted. The proposed law was expected to increase prison terms for those committing as well as glorifying the practice.

After the Nithari incident, Chowdhury stressed on the need for a database of missing children. Till date, the NCPCR is still juggling to get the figures.

Proposed to the Home Ministry that it grant amnesty to women prisoners. A year after, the issue remains untouched.

Once talked of taking up the issue of dumped NRI wives but there has hardly been any step forward in the direction.

State child commissions were supposed to be set up. A Bill was passed in Parliament in 2006, but other than in Delhi and Kerala, the commissions haven’t been set up.

What was she thinking?

After the Mangalore pub attack by the Sri Ram Sene, where young women were attacked in an alleged incident of moral policing, she championed the cause of progressive city youth by calling for a “Pub Bharo” campaign and claimed that Mangalore had been “talibanised”.

High point

The enforcement of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005) in October 2006.

Low point

When she said “women must not trust their men” and guard themselves against HIV/AIDS, her statement drew flak from all quarters.


“Except some debates and wordy duels, nothing substantive happened. WCD is a very important department.” —Murli Manohar Joshi, former HRD minister in the NDA government

Did she get your vote?

She lost in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, by a margin of 1.24 lakh votes.

Bridegroom complains of dowry harassment!

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AFTER BRIDES, it is now the turn of bridegrooms to complain about dowry and seek action against in- laws.

A case has come to light where a man complained to the police that his in- laws gave him dowry he never demanded.

Nishant Saini had married Anjali Dargan in 2007, but the marriage boat rocked within six months when Anjali walked out of the house in which they were living and slapped a dowry case against Saini.

She alleged Saini had taken Rs 1.45 lakh in dowry, given in two instalments of Rs 1.2 lakh and Rs 25,000. Saini, however, refuted the allegations. In a counter- complaint to the police, he blamed his in- laws for forcing him to accept the money he said he never demanded.

But the police refused to lodge a complaint. He then complained to the Delhi Police chief, seeking action against his wife and in- laws. In 2008, Saini moved court. He charged his wife and in- laws with committing an offence under the Dowry Prohibition Act.

The Act stipulates that anyone who demands or gives dowry can face punishment. “ We urged the court to direct the police to register a case against the bride and her parents,” said Pradeep Nawani, the lawyer for Saini.

The court directed the investigating officer of the case to file a report. Four months after the order, the officer failed to submit a report and told the court no case can be registered against the bride or her parents.

The court slammed the officer and directed two senior Delhi Police officers to take action against her.

Guidelines set by the Delhi High Court state that the police, before arresting a person under the Dowry Prohibition Act, must investigate the case and the bank accounts of the bride’s parents to verify if the sum of money they claim to have given in dowry.

Also, according to Supreme Court guidelines, a station house officer is duty- bound to register a case if it is a cognisable offence.

Men are committing suicides due to Domestic Violence

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Bangalore, 11 April: Canadian citizen of Indian origin Mr. Syed Makdoom committed suicide recently, unable to bear the pain of separation from his child by his estranged wife with whom he was involved in a custody dispute. He had been fighting a court battle since 2005 with estranged wife in Bangalore after misunderstandings cropped up between the two. As per Mr. Kumar Jahgirdar, President of Non Governmental Organization, “CRISP”, Makdoom committed suicide as he was unable to bear the mental torture meted out to him. On this, Panduram Katti, President, Save Indian Family Foundation, raised a point that there has been a phenomenal increase in suicides by men and this tells us that they are being tortured to a very high level.

As per statistics by National Crime Records Bureau analysis in the year 2007, 158,000 married men committed suicide in the last 11 years. Some Non Governmental Organizations believe that the main reason of increase of suicides of married men is the mental torture and harassment meted out to them. Jahgirdar receives a lot of cases where men are tortured. He said most of these cases are either cases where Domestic Violence Act has been misused against them or those cases where they are a victim of acute mental stress and depression in absence of any available channel of relief from Domestic Violence that they suffer from. Often the torture culminates in men’s suicides.

Panduram Katti also told that social problems like divorce and domestic disputes are increasing. Foundation did a nationwide survey on about 334 couples and found out that when it comes to confidence and strength, husbands are much weaker than their wives. This is manifested by their mental stress. As per Katti, this ultimately leads to suicide for many men.

Foundation member Virag, told that all over the country 158,000 married men have committed suicides in the last 11 years due to domestic violence. Especially after 1998 the suicide rate has shot up and risen by 40% he added. As per him, every week 50 cases are received by the Foundation. Karntaka Rakshana Vedike member Prem Kumari has said that every week she receives around 300 cases of domestic violence out of which 50-60 cases are of men facing domestic violence.

As per Jahgirdar, around 2 years back, Domestic Violence Act was passed by the Parliament, And after the enactment whether there has been a reduction in the number of incidents of domestic violence on women is a matter of research, however, men’s suicides have increased a lot and because of that men’s harassment coming to forth is a matter of concern.

Jaipur men victim of false dowry cases

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JAIPUR: Two cases of dowry harassment and domestic violence are registered everyday with three Woman Police Stations in the city. Thirty alleged dowry deaths were reported in the district in 2008. Amid hue and cry by the NGOs and other social organizations over the alleged misuse of sections related to dowry harassment and domestic violence, there is another aspect which goes unnoticed most of the times. There are many people who have to suffer at a very young age due to such cases. Their career is ruined and they are left with no other option but to suffer from delayed judgments and biased police investigation.

“There are many cases pending in courts in which young professionals, including doctors, engineers, software engineers, etc. are involved,” said Ashwani Bohra, an advocate who prefers to fight cases from the groom’s side alleging misuse of IPC sections related to domestic violence and dowry harassment.

Giving an example, he said that dowry harassment and domestic violence cases were filed against one of his clients – Amit Jain who had completed his MBBS and was to appear for MS entrance exam. But due to the case, which is pending in the court, he could not sit in the examination and his promising career as a doctor has been ruined,” said Ashwani.

A physically-challenged person, Rameshwar Meena, a resident of Chaksu in Jaipur, was finally disposed of all the charges against him by his wife recently. When the trial was going on, he cleared an exam for second grade schoolteacher, but due to the trial, his career seemed to be in limbo.

“It was a horrifying experience. I was accused of beating up my wife and fake medical certificates proving me a brutal person were prepared and produced in the court. I was alleged of demanding a motorcycle from my wife which I never did as there is no use of motorcycle for me as I am handicapped,” said Rameshwar.

“In most of the cases, the FIRs are lodged by giving distorted facts and police either act lethargically or adopt a biased attitude which cost dear to the groom and his family,” Ashwani added.

CrPC Amendment Notification most urgent

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Cr. P. C. (Amendment) Act, 2008, should be Notified, without any further delay.

Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India ,

The Code of Criminal Procedure Code was amended on or about 26th December, 2008, and subsequently it was assented by the President of India. But till now no Notification is issued by the Government in terms of Section 1(2) of The Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2008. But why Government of India withholding the necessary Notifications, in respect of a matter of so much immense public interests?

Whether under shying since, Advocates are opposing it, because amendment will effect the syndication between the Unethical-Advocates, and Corrupt Police Officials?
Whether Amendment was made without any will of the Government, so now Government also wants to put it for hanging?
Whether Amendments were unwarranted?
Whether Amendments are opposed by Police Force from across India , since it will certainly affect the pocket of the corrupt police officials?

I attended a Seminar organised by Rakshak Foundation, wherein former Law Minister of India, and renowned Supreme Court Lawyer: Shri Shanti Bhusanji, Justice S N Dhingra of Delhi High Court, Justice V. S. Malimath, Professor Madhava Menon, and Shri Ashish Gupta, IPS, made their excellent comments on the above subject, supporing for immediate notification of the Amended Law. Justice V. S. Malimath, was appointed in 2000-2003, as Chairman of Committee, for review of 140 years old Cr. P. C., and his committee made elaborate recommendations for changes in Cr. P. C., including those inserted in newly amended Law. Professor Menon was also a Member of the aforesaid Committee headed by the Justice Malimath. From the aforesaid recourse it was came to my knowledge that `Long Ago’ “Dharamvira Committee” had said that about 60-65% arrests are executed unwarrantedly. In serious cases, successful punishment results are not more than 5-6% and in patty cases it is about to 30-40%. They also elaborated that earlier our law was based on a concept that even 98% criminals may not be punished, but one innocent should not be punished. This concept failed to protect innocent, whereas criminals trained to commit crimes, on regular basis. Whereas, aforesaid Committee in its recommendation followed a new principal that Every Criminal should be punished, whereas, not a single innocent should be harassed or punished.

During the aforesaid recourse, I also understood that Advocate’s Strike is just only because they wants to continuity of criminal syndication between Corrupt-Police-Officials, Broker-Advocates, and also Few-Members of the Judiciary, those are benefited from the unwarranted arrests of the innocent people, through exploitation of money from them. It was also reported that during the sixties ratio of the Criminal matters with the Civil Matters in the Courts were about 30-70, which now reversed as 70-30. So Government should accept, that it is a responsible State, and very much concerned with the larger public interests by notifying the Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2008, (except those provisions which requires development of necessary Institutional Network or Infrastructure), without any further delay, and should send a strong message that being a responsible State it is not ready to surrender before Striking Advocates. In this context, I must refer that Advocates conduct is mentioned in detail in a Interim Report by Srikrishna Committee, headed by Justice B. N. Srikrishna, former Supreme Court Judge, dated 4th March, 2009, which was appointed on 26th February, 2009, by the Supreme Court, in Civil Writ Petition No. 94 of 2009.

Justice Srikrishna in his interim report to the Supreme Court strongly condemned the behaviour of the lawyers. It has said that the violence was started by the lawyers and that the lawyers have acted like hooligans. The Commission has said that the police cannot be blamed for the excesses. Justice Srikrishna has also blamed the HC Judges, particularly Acting Chief Justice Mukhopadhyaya for being too soft on lawyers. Arguments are going on at the Supreme Court.

Full Text of the 22-page Interim Report is online @
(Some of the Excerpts, From the Interim Report, dated 4th March 2009, on the Incidents that Occurred on the 19th February 2009 At the Madras High Court by Mr Justice B.N. Srikrishna, Former Judge Of The Supreme Court:

“Far from being the upholders of the rule of law, the lawyers seem to have behaved as hooligans and miscreants. The incidents that transpired over a last month or so make it clear that the lawyers seemed to be under the impression that, because they are officers of the Court, they are immune from the process of law and that they could get away with any unlawful act without being answerable to the law enforcing agency.

It is most unfortunate that the soft policy adopted by the Acting Chief. Justice of Madras High Court and its administration sent out clearly a wrong message that encouraged and emboldened the lawyers into becoming law breakers.

Undoubtedly, the political crosscurrents, from the Sri Lankan Tamil issues and caste based issues, contributed to and aggravated the situation.

It should have been made clear to the lawyers from the beginning, in no uncertain terms, that whatever their political ideologies, the Court premises could not be utilized for airing them.

Unless a detailed inquiry is made into the role played by each of the lawyers in the rioting mob as well as each of the 19 Constables and/or Officers of the police force, it will be difficult to pin-point the responsibility on the individuals, Considering the series of events that had transpired over a period of about one month culminating in the Mr. Subramaniam Swamy incident on 17th February 2009, it is possible that the police expected further trouble on 19th February 2009 when Mr. Subramaniam Swamy’s case was posted for hearing.

Further, the fact that only one of the 17 accused could be arrested on 18th February 2009, coupled with information from their sources as to expected trouble on 19th February 2009, might have perhaps persuaded the police presence in large numbers armed with lathis and shields.

Though it was highly irregular on the part of armed policemen to be deployed inside the High Court premises, the extra-ordinary circumstances might afford a justifiable excuse to them.

I would submit that the Hon’ble Supreme Court should take this opportunity to exercise its extra-ordinary Constitutional powers and lay down sufficient guidelines for the behavior of the lawyers within and without the Court premises as the Bar Councils have not been acting as an effective regulatory body of their professional conduct.

It would be ideal if the 21 Advocate’s Act is amended to ensure a better disciplinary mechanism of the profession of law, since it affects not only lawyers but also litigants, the administration of the justice in the country, and finally the rule of law itself.

Until such time that appropriate Legislation is made, it is desirable that this Hon’ble
Court should formulate appropriate guidelines to be followed by lawyers and enforced by all Courts of law.”

Therefore, I hope that Government of India, for the betterment of the society, should show its solidarity in favour of Amendments by notifying the same, without any further delay and should also ensure the development of required Institutional and Infrastructural Network required for application of some of the provision of the amendment of the Law.

Milap Choraria

Milap Choraria Editor: Suchna Ka Adhikar / RTI TIMES
National Convenor : Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP)

Letter to The Taliban

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Dear Jehadis,

We will not feel any difference whether you attack us or not, because we men of India are already under the threat of Legal Terrorism. There won’t be anything new if you arrive here.

As per AajTak (Sabse Tej), we came to know that you are situated just 700 km away from India somewhere in SWAT in Pakistan. We heartily welcome you. In India you will be safe, because India is the only country where criminals can get full freedom and innocent people are put behind bars without any investigation. Don’t worry about Intelligence of India. I see AajTak daily, I see a lot of bearded brothers (Talibans) with AK56 and Bazookas, but suddenly this channel shows marquee of “BREAKING NEWS” and shows how Chand ditched Fiza and dowry etc.; this is your insult as they stop broadcasting and highlighting you. As you have training camps in SWAT and Afghanistan, we also have training camps in Police Stations, Courts and Lawyers to produce Legal Terrorists. Even media sponsors the Legal Terrorism in Sansani etc.

No married man in India has any power. As we marry, our powers go away. Because in India we have a nice custom called Streedhan. Magically, this Streedhan is converted into Dowry (Dahej), as and when wife does not find any other way to suck the blood out of her Husband and in-laws.

So, women in India fight for Dahej and you fight for Jehad. (Total co-incidence)

We can not welcome you like Renuka ji welcomes USAID and UNICEF. Married men are very poor in India. But, yes we can give you submission of some  nice targets to warm up your trip to India. Here we go…

No. 1: Start with all the “corrupted” politicians (its really very easy to find out corrupt politicians for simple warm up session). Even when they are in Z+ security you can shoot them easily, because there is no Man in Indian Police.

No. 2: You tell Renuka that “We are the same, we both get fund for terror from America…”. Actually, she is better terrorist than you, and she has a brutal death in her destiny, as per one Saadhu in Himalaya (Note: The saadhu and his family was victimized by his wife under section 498A in 1991).

No. 3: Teach women of India to fight ethically like you (we have a course ready with us).

No. 4: During this warm-up, lot’s of Taliban can get caught by eunuch Police and Judiciary. So, obviously during their judicial custody these Taliban can meet falsely accused of 498A to learn the modes-operandi of Renuka ji. You will come to know the stories of innocent people suffering without any cause. You will find lot’s of points to apply brutality.

I think these four points are enough for now. If you succeed, then you can fight with us.

Ofcourse, I’d like to tell you one more thing, the legal system is completely broken and defunct in India. It will collapse by itself. You will find nothing here. Men are being terrorized already by booking them in DV and 498A etc. and 125 IPC and 24 HMA to break them financially, as Honda City cars are given as  alimony to women in India. You will only pull your hair. And finally you will waste your precious time watching accused fighting for justice in place of victims.

That’s all for now. I need to prepare for the next date in court to get justice.

Keep in touch.

Disclaimer: In case the contents above resembles the reality of today’s India, then we’re not responsible.

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