Indian Media supports 498a and Family Destruction


Recently the Law Commission was once again tasked with the job of reviewing 498a , and once again recommending if this needed to  be changed.  However the interesting thing is the stand that the media has taken on this whole issue. From the type of media reports of the media a few salient points are amply clear.

Media was thoroughly enjoying the gender war:- Innocent men going to jail, Mothers and sisters being imprisoned, Men coming out with a sense of vengeance. Some men creating ingenious methods like filing cases for giving dowry or thousands of dharnas and press conferences taking place on 498a all made for excellent masala news which the media seemed to enjoy. There is a sense of dissatisfaction in the media that these will cease of 498a becomes billable and people stop suffering. Let us further analyze this paragraph further.

Media’s agenda of family breaking may fail:- Lets face it, media loves to see breaking families. Not only does breaking families leads to more spicy news like increasing crime,  breaking families brings immense financial gain to the media and its advertisers. How ? Here is how ….


Vote for any party, BUT NOT for Congress


Dear all Indian Husbands and their Family Members,

Nowadays more than 57000 Indian Husbands are ending their lives in suicide every year due to the anti-husband, anti-family and anti-child biased and lopsided marital laws like Section 498A / Domestic Violence Act / CRPC125 / Adultery law / four different maintenance laws, all passed by the Congress. The entire family of Husbands has been converted into a Free ATM machine and they are being treated worse than an animal in this country due to all biased and lopsided law and policy by the Congress party.

Inspite of The Honorable Supreme Court terming the Misuse of Section 498A as “Unleashing of a new Legal Terrorism on innocent husband’s family” and Domestic Violence Act as “one of the most clumsy drafted law”, the Congress led UPA government has not taken any corrective action and the entire family of husbands is suffering today because of that.

Whether the allegations are true or false, it’s merely on the basis of the verbal allegation of the wife (read married woman), that the entire family of husbands including his mother, sister (again read married women) are thrown out of their house under the Domestic Violence Act. Through this Domestic Violence Act, the Congress party has incited a woman vs. woman war and the price is paid by Indian men.

Just the wives need to say that, “I am anticipating Domestic Violence” from my partner (Men), be it a friend or any one and the man is thrown out of his own house and lands up in Railway Platform; as also the bank accounts will be frozen.

Now it is up to the accused to prove her allegations are wrong in the court and she need not prove anything as her verbal allegations are construed as evidence, since the Congress led UPA Government thinks that all the wives / Daughter-in-law are born in Raja Harish Chandra’s Family, and hence can’t lie.

  • Do you know who has given wholesale free License to your wife to commit adultery and at the same time go scot free? – Congress.
  • Do you know who has given wholesale free license to your wife to abuse your age old parents and sisters and at the same time go scot free? – Congress.
  • Do you know who has given wholesale free license to your wife to throw out you and your old parents from their own home? – Congress.
  • Do you know who has given wholesale free license to your wife to kill your un-born child and go scot free? – Congress.
  • Do you know who has given wholesale free license to your wife to refuse to visit your own child once in a week at least? – Congress.
  • Do you know even a terrorist have right to stay in his own home, but Indian husbands do not have any right to stay in his own home , if wife demand the same under Domestic Violence act and who has made such a law ? – Congress.
  • Do you know who has given wholesale free license to your wife to beat, abuse, and refuse food to your child and you can’t even ask her a single question, as it will be termed as verbal abuse? – Congress.
  • Do you know if your wife demand 1000 rupees for her kitty party and you give 800, it is a crime by you as per law and who made such law? – Congress.

This is the state of the present Justice system in India and Gender Equality in India, a feat achieved by the Congress Government in the last 60 years.

For a wife even adultery is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and tax free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of “Name-calling” is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/old father also can be put behind the bars under 498A or Domestic Violence Act. And such laws are made with the tax-payer’s hard-earned money, 82% of which comes from men.

Well educated, working and healthy women (read wives) are rushing to the courts to demand aristocratic maintenance from their husbands to maintain their lavish lifestyles, by leveling false allegations as is evident from court records and at the same time do not miss a chance (provided by the Congress led UPA Government) to file false criminal cases under Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act, mentioning that their husband is ill-treating them and demanding money from them. However, the wives themselves openly demand money as a legal extortion and blackmailing and the police, the media and the courts are mute spectators or at time active participants in squandering husband’s money. And all this drama happens under the nose of the Congress led UPA Government which sits on the abuse of Indian men, especially husbands and is hell bent on passing one after another anti-male extortionary laws.

On the contrary, if a husband is not able to earn money due to some reason or falls terminally ill, and his wife is earning money, yet he is not eligible for maintenance from his wife, irrespective of the fact that he had earned lacks of rupees and given to his wife prior to becoming disabled and such a man is told to either sell his body organs or go and commit suicide. Such a biased attitude is being meted out to Indian men under the Congress led UPA Government.

So the question arises: Is Indian Husband is a Free ATM Machine for Indian wives? As per Congress the answer is: Yes.

It is pertinent to mention here that, presently a wife can claim maintenance from four different Laws, like Section 24 Hindu Marriage Act, Section 125 CrPC, Section 18 Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act and Domestic Violence act. This is abuse and wastage of resources for the Indian Judiciary System (which always cries foul of being overburdened), since for the same purpose, three to four different cases are filed in different courts sometimes across states. It not only wastes the Judiciary’s man Power, but is also a violation of Indian constitution, wherein it is clearly mentioned in Article 20, that for the same offence a person can’t be punished/tried more than once. Then why do we have four different maintenance cases against a Husband for the same alleged cause of action?

Will Our LAW Maker change the section 304B of the IPC related to dowry deaths to section 304C (Sowry Death) and Section 498A (harassment to wife) to 498B (Sowry harassment by wife)?

We have repeatedly requested the Congress led UPA Government by providing all the data and official statistics of suffering of Indian men in general and husbands in particular and demanded that all Gender Biased LAW should immediately be made crime based void of any assumption that women never lie and men are born as Criminals. “MEN/WOMEN” word to be replaced by word “PERSON” and word wife/husband to be replaced with the word “SPOUSE”.

But it has fallen on deaf ears of the Congress led UPA Government and in return the Union minister for Women and Child Development makes the following derogatory statements against Indian men while being in office:

  • It’s turn to suffer the Indian men, as women suffered for long. (Like as Muslim Kings had destroyed a lot of temple, so let’s demolish the entire Mosque in India).
  • Don’t trust Your Men; trust Condom in the name of reducing AIDS. (Forgetting the fact that the AIDS spreads by multiple partner sex and a condom is used for multiple partner sex, not for single partner sex, which we term as married couple)
  • It’s Diwali Gift to Indian women. (Within two weeks, four women sent behind the bars under first DV act case in Pune and one age old women left her own house as her daughter-in-law walk in her house with her all friends and parents)

Readers may choose to vote for Congress and ensure that more and more suffering follows for Indian men. Since it’s not only Congress, but all political parties believe that increasing the suffering of Husbands and their family members is termed as Social Service in the country since Indian Husbands and their family members cannot ensure their defeat or a reduction in their vote share. So making more and more anti-husband, anti-family, anti-child and anti-men biased and lopsided law in the country is not going to harm them.

The Choice is with you and do not forget that only the crying baby gets the milk.

Congress government has converted the Indian Criminal Justice system into a wholesale free money earning business through Legal Extortion from Husbands and their family members.

Vote for any party, but not for congress and give a clear message that anti-husband, anti-men, anti-family and anti-child law and policy will not be accepted in this country by political party.

Disclaimer: These are totally writer’s personal views. Readers may have a different opinion. The name and place has been changed to protect the Person’s Identity.

Letter to The Taliban

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Dear Jehadis,

We will not feel any difference whether you attack us or not, because we men of India are already under the threat of Legal Terrorism. There won’t be anything new if you arrive here.

As per AajTak (Sabse Tej), we came to know that you are situated just 700 km away from India somewhere in SWAT in Pakistan. We heartily welcome you. In India you will be safe, because India is the only country where criminals can get full freedom and innocent people are put behind bars without any investigation. Don’t worry about Intelligence of India. I see AajTak daily, I see a lot of bearded brothers (Talibans) with AK56 and Bazookas, but suddenly this channel shows marquee of “BREAKING NEWS” and shows how Chand ditched Fiza and dowry etc.; this is your insult as they stop broadcasting and highlighting you. As you have training camps in SWAT and Afghanistan, we also have training camps in Police Stations, Courts and Lawyers to produce Legal Terrorists. Even media sponsors the Legal Terrorism in Sansani etc.

No married man in India has any power. As we marry, our powers go away. Because in India we have a nice custom called Streedhan. Magically, this Streedhan is converted into Dowry (Dahej), as and when wife does not find any other way to suck the blood out of her Husband and in-laws.

So, women in India fight for Dahej and you fight for Jehad. (Total co-incidence)

We can not welcome you like Renuka ji welcomes USAID and UNICEF. Married men are very poor in India. But, yes we can give you submission of some  nice targets to warm up your trip to India. Here we go…

No. 1: Start with all the “corrupted” politicians (its really very easy to find out corrupt politicians for simple warm up session). Even when they are in Z+ security you can shoot them easily, because there is no Man in Indian Police.

No. 2: You tell Renuka that “We are the same, we both get fund for terror from America…”. Actually, she is better terrorist than you, and she has a brutal death in her destiny, as per one Saadhu in Himalaya (Note: The saadhu and his family was victimized by his wife under section 498A in 1991).

No. 3: Teach women of India to fight ethically like you (we have a course ready with us).

No. 4: During this warm-up, lot’s of Taliban can get caught by eunuch Police and Judiciary. So, obviously during their judicial custody these Taliban can meet falsely accused of 498A to learn the modes-operandi of Renuka ji. You will come to know the stories of innocent people suffering without any cause. You will find lot’s of points to apply brutality.

I think these four points are enough for now. If you succeed, then you can fight with us.

Ofcourse, I’d like to tell you one more thing, the legal system is completely broken and defunct in India. It will collapse by itself. You will find nothing here. Men are being terrorized already by booking them in DV and 498A etc. and 125 IPC and 24 HMA to break them financially, as Honda City cars are given as  alimony to women in India. You will only pull your hair. And finally you will waste your precious time watching accused fighting for justice in place of victims.

That’s all for now. I need to prepare for the next date in court to get justice.

Keep in touch.

Disclaimer: In case the contents above resembles the reality of today’s India, then we’re not responsible.