You are Liable to be Arrested

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BEWARE  Marriage for a “BOY” in your family could land your entire family into jail.

Are You Aware?

  • 123,497 mothers & sisters are JAILED due to false dowry cases in last FOUR years (2004-2007).
  • With 498-A (Dowry Law), even ONE line of false allegation can jail your entire family
  • Family destruction is a Thousand crore Rupees Industry in India
  • Marriage is a crime for Indian men” as per the Indian Laws made for “Destruction of Families”.
  • India is heading towards fatherless society and bastard children.
  • Suicide rate of married men is twice that of married women.


Your entire family can be jailed without investigation for any complaint filed by a daughter-in-law in your family for anything she thinks as harassment to her.

Domestic Violence Act

Husband is an ATM machine, if it doesn’t work, it is an economic abuse.

If you deny kitty party money to your wife / daughter, you will land in jail.

Law supports the greed of your wife.

All your family could be thrown out of your own house for the greed of wife


To save your family visit

Who will save the men who are burnt?

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As I read this article, wherein Supreme Court judge is calling for hanging of people who burn brides, a hailstorm of thoughts crosses my mind. Being the Public Relations Officer of Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO dedicated to promote the cause of Gender Equality and Family Harmony; I come across cases of men wronged by their wives on a daily basis wherein men are simply penalized for the mere fact that they are MEN.

One mere complaint of harassment from their wives, whether true or not, lands them in jail along with all their family members named in the complaint without any trial or investigation. Many lose their self-esteem, jobs even; commit suicide as evident from the suicide statistics available with the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). As per the statistics, 57593 married men committed suicide in 2007 vis-à-vis 30064 married women. Figures for 2006 were 55452 married men vs. 29869 married women while those for 2005 are 52483 married men vs. 28188 married women. Every year more and more married men are committing suicide. But still there is no protection given to men. A major contribution of this comes from the misuse of dowry laws against men wherein a social presumption works against them

Now coming back to the article I’ve referred, Markenday Katju, Justice, Supreme Court of India today made a statement that “Those who burn brides should be hanged.” But, who is going to prove that the bride was burned? Will a man be hanged if his adulterous wife puts kerosene on herself and dies of burning? Or if the parents of the girl kill their daughter and then put the blame on the husband, then will the husband be hung?

And when you make a gender biased statement, “Those who burn brides need to be hanged”, why is it that you are not ready to offer the same level of protection to married men who are burnt alive? What is their fault? According to the NCRB data 3400 married are burnt alive every year on an average.

Further, Justice Katju went on to say that, “They all say that. Every time they burn a bride, they say it was a suicide.” Now this is nothing short of imposing his own assumptions on to the society, a right which he does not have, not even as a Supreme Court judge. First of all, he has assumed that all married women who die of burning are killed by their in-laws. There is no basis for his assumption as death due to burning can happen due to any reason, even kitchen accidents, negligence by women, suicide etc. And it will definitely not be in the interest of justice to hang the husband for these cases but from what views have transpired out of Katju’s statement, it is clearly evident that he has taken a gender obsessed stand which is not acceptable from a Supreme Court Judge.

Justice Katju’s statements are a clear call for the need of Judicial Reforms. Also in addition, before hanging husbands for ‘allegedly’ burning brides, Justice Katju needs to remember that the police force does not conduct a fair inquiry into the incident and merely relies on statements and is thoroughly incompetent in collecting evidences. With such lousy investigation and presumptions working at the back of mind, justice cannot be expected out of courts and in such a situation; “Judicial Reforms” is the call of the day.

With M Veerappa Moily becoming the law minister and talking of “Judicial Reforms” as the first thing to be done, some hope is definitely restored because Judicial Reforms are utmost necessary in today’s times of deteriorating faith on the judiciary. With irresponsible statements coming from the judiciary, it is clearly evident that the intellectual level of the judiciary has severely degraded. SIFF calls upon all the citizens to take part in judicial reforms as that is the only way to reduce crime in the society. Today criminals have no fear of any punishment because either the judiciary is too slow and corrupt or is involved in social service with gender obsessed statements.

Justice Katju had also made controversial statement, Bow down before your wife wherein he told; listen to your wife, even if she sounds unreasonable. Such statements from the judiciary send a strong signal to men that they should not expect justice from the courts and the question still remains open, “Who will save men who are burnt?

My question to Justice Katju, “Can you?”, “Will you?”

Renuka Chowdhury, 54 MoS (Independent Charge) for Women & child Development

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New Delhi: Renuka Chowdhury, 54 MoS (Independent Charge) for Women & child Development

Result: -1/10

She was given independent charge of the Women and Child Development Ministry in 2006 after WCD, earlier under the Human Resource Development Ministry, was made a separate ministry. After three years, there is no marked difference in the condition of women and children in the country.

Her brief

In its manifesto in 2004, the Congress said that a nutritious mid-day cooked meal scheme will be introduced in primary and secondary schools across the country and the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) will be universalised to provide for a functional anganwadi in every settlement and full coverage for children below the age of six. Chowdhury was also expected to reduce incidences of maternal and child mortality and malnutrition.

Reforms derailed

In 1997, judicial guidelines were set on protection against sexual harassment at the workplace, but the “high priority bill” is still shuttling between the National Commission for Women (NCW) and WCD.

Child labour has not been abolished, apart from a few baby steps taken by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), under the WCD Ministry.

The demand for additional guaranteed financial support from the expenditure finance committee for the ambitious and controversial proposal to give fortified pre-packaged food—instead of hot cooked meals—to poor children as part of the revamp of the ICDS was trashed by the Planning Commission.


The UPA government dropped attempts to strengthen the anti-Sati law, more than 20 years after it was first enacted. The proposed law was expected to increase prison terms for those committing as well as glorifying the practice.

After the Nithari incident, Chowdhury stressed on the need for a database of missing children. Till date, the NCPCR is still juggling to get the figures.

Proposed to the Home Ministry that it grant amnesty to women prisoners. A year after, the issue remains untouched.

Once talked of taking up the issue of dumped NRI wives but there has hardly been any step forward in the direction.

State child commissions were supposed to be set up. A Bill was passed in Parliament in 2006, but other than in Delhi and Kerala, the commissions haven’t been set up.

What was she thinking?

After the Mangalore pub attack by the Sri Ram Sene, where young women were attacked in an alleged incident of moral policing, she championed the cause of progressive city youth by calling for a “Pub Bharo” campaign and claimed that Mangalore had been “talibanised”.

High point

The enforcement of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005) in October 2006.

Low point

When she said “women must not trust their men” and guard themselves against HIV/AIDS, her statement drew flak from all quarters.


“Except some debates and wordy duels, nothing substantive happened. WCD is a very important department.” —Murli Manohar Joshi, former HRD minister in the NDA government

Did she get your vote?

She lost in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, by a margin of 1.24 lakh votes.

Demanding resignation of Justice Arijit Pasayat & Justice M K Sharma of SC


This is a swift (but not provocative) response to the recent news article in which Supreme Court Justice Shri Arijit Pasayat and Shri M K Sharma acknowledged that IPC 498A was misused but did not see any reason to remedy the situation.

With this email, I as a representative of thousands of Indian men (and Indian women) of all age brackets and in all parts of globe DEMAND that Shri Pasayat and Shri Sharma resign immediately from their respective positions for their blatant display of irresponsible, immature, unconscionable and unpardonable behavior. IMHO, Shri Pasayat and Shri Sharma have failed to perform their duty and have no business staying there any longer.

The Men, women and Children that I represent while making this demand have been sufferers at the hand of wicked woman who misuse IPC 498A law. I have personally met many 498a Victims men and women of India and counseled few of them.


The Supreme Court bench comprising of Shri Pasayat and Shri Sharma is quoted as “It must be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, that administration and application of a particular law would be done ‘not with an evil eye and unequal hand.”

Contrary to the statements of SC, reality is quite the opposite. The law is used without any fear by those with evil eye and aided by Police who use unequal hand against the husband and his family.

  • How about if each Citizen chose to misuse law against terrorism exactly once in his lifetime?
  • How about if each Citizen chose to misuse law against homicide exactly once in his lifetime?
  • How about if each Citizen chose to misuse law against smuggling exactly once in his lifetime?

Would this Supreme Court allow this miniscule misuse? After all, misuse will be below 0.0004% per person assuming average lifespan of 65 years.

As one can readily imagine, if there was even marginal increase in misuse of laws against terrorism and homicide, country would go further in anarchy.


IPC 498A with all its myriad usage is a law that is promoting Legal Terrorism and is on wide scale rampage that is crisscrossing across every single family in India. Every single person who has any relation to any recently married male is in danger.


Statistics tell that every year about 57,000 husbands are committing suicides which is almost double the number of wives committing suicides in spite of the so called dowry deaths then why no protection to men ??

57,000 deaths sounds like a very small number until ones look at their profile of the dead men. Many are well educated men who had reasonably good life and took steps to kill themselves shortly after their marriage. They died in prime of their age causing a loss of a very productive resource of the country (or the world). Many were students of IITs and as such carry lot of investment from the public exchequer. With each dead young man, there are usually 4 more lives being brought on streets.


For every one woman, who may have genuine dowry grievance, there are 49 who are misusing the law.

Please refer to the official statistic report compiled wholly using data from NCRB website. I have merely correlated data that is spread across many different reports to form one view. No raw data is imagined.


I clearly do not approve any promotion of lax attitude as evidenced from SC comments and hence I have demanded Unconditional Resignation from Shri Arijit Pasayat and Shri M K Sharma effective immediately.

I also urge the President, the Prime Minister, every media and every volunteer to take steps so as to make this happen as soon as possible. I urge all of my members and Volunteers to resend this email until the resignation is extracted.

Here are few more articles that will start the reader of this email in correct direction


She’s a 11 Timer: Professional Legal Terrorist Arrested

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Twenty-six-year-old Kausar Begum aka Umme Kausar married eleven times, on each occasion conning her man and absconding with his money. The Mumbai police finally caught up with her in the city

Don’t go by the innocent face!

It’s talaq in reverse, and it’s been highly profitable for this profligate woman. Twenty six-year-old Kausar Begum alias Umme Kausar alias Kausar Salma, a resident of HBR Layout, II Block, married 11 men from various Indian cities and abroad. Each time she claimed that it was her first marriage, only to dump the latest victim and, worse, fleece him subsequently using dowry harassment allegations. Finally, the law has caught up with her.

Sub Inspector V S Shelar from Sion police station in Mumbai took Salma into custody and then took her to Mumbai after producing her before the 10th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate in the city. The Mumbai police action followed a complaint by Syed Hasham Ahmed, a businessman and her former husband, with the Sion police. Mumbai police have arrested Kausar on charges of IPC 406, 420, 504, 506 R/W34, which include breach of trust, intimidation and intentional insult.

With her parents

“Marriage was just a medium for Kausar and her sister Nazia Begum. Kausar has married 11 men and deserted them within a short period of time. Her family purchased a Rs 2 crore worth bungalow in HBR Layout. Where did the money come from? She even got married to a nawab of Hyderabad and he had to eke out Rs 50 lakh when she threatened to lodge a complaint against his family members,” Hasham told Bangalore Mirror.

Police sources said that Kausar did it with the full complicity of her parents and that she was quite an expert in conning men in this fashion. What makes the case as much sinister as it is scandalous, is that Kausar reportedly is backed by a city DCP who took voluntary retirement and also a network of agents across the country and abroad. Kausar once got married to a man in Dubai whom she then ditched. She and her sister have ditched four men each in Bangalore alone, including the son of a mullah, police sources added.

With Abdul Rafeeq alias Kutty


Hasham revealed how the trap was sprung. He was first approached by Rahmat Ulla Belt. “He is an agent and he painted a good picture of Kausar’s family, saying that what they lacked in wealth they more than compensated for with pedigree.

I convinced my parents and got married to her in June 2006. She started harassing me in a month’s time and one fine day she absconded with valuables. Later, her family members called me and started abusing me. Then, they got me attacked in Mumbai and I lost my little finger,” he said.

That was not the end of story. Hasham had to shell out Rs 20 lakh for a final settlement, and then despite that Kausar went ahead and filed a dowry case! “It was at this point that I hired private investigators and gathered information about them.

Kausar and her sister have lodged dowry cases on two former husbands and are claiming maintenance from them,” Hasham said. “Insallah, she has been arrested. It is a relief not only for me but for many young men who suffered at her hands,” he added.

A Ritual called Alimony

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Years ago I was listening to Swami Sukhbodhanand on Aastha channel and he was explaining the meaning of the word ritual and how we generally do many such things in life. He gave an anecdote for better understanding.

The story goes like this..
There was a Guru who had mastered the scriptures. One day, when he was teaching Vedas to his disciples, a cat was moving around. This, however, did not disturb the Guru, but was a distraction to some of his disciples. So, the Guru instructed his disciples to get hold of the cat and tether it to a pillar to prevent distraction. As this nuisance continued to recur on the following days, the cat was regularly tethered to the pillar before the Guru began his teaching. After some years, the Guru passed away. One of his disciples became the new head of that ashram. The practice of tethering the cat to the pillar continued while he taught his disciples. After a few months, the cat died. The next day, when the new Guru began his teachings, he noticed that the cat was missing. He said, “Don’t you know that a cat must be tethered to the pillar here during my teaching? This is our tradition!” The disciples promptly obeyed his orders. People blindly follow tradition and miss the spirit of tradition.

The alimony granted to modern wives is no different. Source: SIF helplines and weekly meetings with frustrated husbands. The justifications come from able bodies humans who belong to the feminine gender. The mother of all causes is money, and how does one extract that from husband. The courts more or less have made a mandate for a “husband to give and wife to take money” irrespective the capacity of girl to earn. She is also granted money even if she is earning good. Only the ones that are not paid become landmark judgements but are contested to my surprise (the famous case of wife earning 80K a month pining for alimony). While alimony is justified to house wives in some cases of long marriages but for the women of now generation where marriages hardly lasts one anniversary and two income groups potential, the verdicts should not be blind folded with the formula of 1/3rd, 1/5th of hubby’s salary.

Some cases of dowryless marriages turning into divorces (Names changed): Married for 6 months, Post false DV, False 498a trauma, Manpreet did not want to become a victim of false alimony, he therefore served summons to his estranged wife at her workplace and her office bearers also confessed in a written statement to the court of his wife working. But the courts granted the childless wife an Alimony of Rs.7000/- of Manpreet’s 15000/-, Parag Shah a chartered by profession saw how the husbands are traumatized at the Family Court where one husband was not heard who refused to accept a next date and wanted the hearing to proceed coz he could not come every 10 days leaving his work just to get a date without proceedings, to parag’s shock the husband was asked to leave and was not heard, to subdue his voice the lady judge kept the bell pressed for almost 3 minutes till the husband stopped talking. Another case where a govt employee wife was voluntarily saving her entire salary of 18000/- was awarded a monthly alimony of Rs.19000/-. Sharad’s claims that his wife is supported by her boss and her lawyer that her income is all in black and there are no records to prove, an architect by profession has filed revision of monthly alimony of 10000/- granted to her, to Rs.20000/- in the high court. Vipul’s Lawyer shared with him one serial One-Time-Alimony taker who took Rs.12Lakhs from first, 20 Lakhs from second and is chasing for 25 Lakhs from her third husband in last 5 yrs. (Source: SIF Weekly meetings/Helplines)

There are many wives doing well as freelance entrepreneurs in Beauty, fashion, jewelry verticals doing well but not accounted. Courts are either pretending sleep or fooled on this male exploitation. While in wedlock to escape the chores of household work a lady starts working. Once separated due to money ego and clashes how come the same lady becomes dependent? This is a serious bug in the law of alimony and interim alimony.

An income in cash does not add up to records, but liquidity is liquidity in any form and the courts are royally fooled since a good time.

A harassed husband files for a divorce, it is a civil suit with no timelines, in retaliation a wife files for alimony it is treated under Crpc (Criminal Procedure Code) and has to reach a logical conclusion in 60 days. And the myth is males are better off and women are losers. So dear Indian Husbands and Family members, its time to uncover the facts and we will have to do it.

Parda jo uth gaya to bhed khul jaayega” Let’s unveil that truth, let us fight to change the system.

Satyamev Jayate

Marriage: The other side of the coin


MARITAL PROBLEMS have started contributing to modern day stress in a big way. Day in and day out we hear cases of people succumbing to marital problems with the growing numbers of suicides among married people, especially males. As per suicide statistics provided by the National Crime Records Bureau for the years 2005 and 2006, close to 52,000 and 56,000 married men committed suicide, respectively. And the same years noted a splurge in the number of dowry harassment cases filed as reflected in the number of such cases filed – 58319 and 63128. Coupled with that, if a study conducted by Center for Social Research on the conviction rate of such cases is anything to go by, shockingly, there is only two per cent conviction in such cases. This means 98 per cent of such cases are false, and thus a false claim of dowry harassment was made.

Not only that, based on that false statement, the husband and his entire family was arrested, put behind bars, made to cough out huge amounts to get a bail and had no choice but to fight a legal battle in an otherwise defunct and dead judicial outreach. They were also subjected to malicious prosecution. For the charge of dowry harassment being false, the concocted stories of alleged torture would also bear no ground. Having thus said, section 498A of Indian Penal Code, being heavily misused has actually turned out into an assassin’s weapon rather a protector’s shield as rightly pointed out by the honourable Supreme Court of India. Instead of making families, it is breaking families, for any woman who has falsely implicated her husband and in–laws in a false criminal case has lost their trust and the marriage has been dead for all practical purposes.

A recent study in Mumbai claimed 40 per cent of marriages registered in Mumbai end in a divorce. And most of such cases involve filing of a false dowry case in order to get a quick divorce with a hefty alimony. Unscrupulous girls, supported by ill–minded parents, especially mother, pampered by a biased legal system that is highly de–sensitised to husbands (read married men) have found this as a very easy way to earn tax–free money. And to add, all of these so called marriages are performed on some auspicious date/time in consultation with some purohit/pundit etc.

One can remember times when marriages could last so strongly for ages down the memory lane, and those too were conducted on some auspicious date/time in consultation with some purohit/pundit etc, what has changed so drastically in recent times that marriages have become a source of business opportunity for women and a source of ignominy and stress for men? Save Indian Family Foundation, the single largest Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) committed to the cause of spreading the message of ’gender equity’ and ’family harmony’ in addition to providing free legal, moral and psychological support to the victims of false dowry harassment and ’domestic violence’ cases, receives on an average of 200 calls per week over its various helplines spread all over India and abroad from battered and harassed men who are either victims of the misuse of these laws or are subjected to ’domestic violence’ at the hands of their wives.

Have we come to a point in time when we need to consult a lawyer rather than a pundit or a purohit to decide a marital knot? Especially, a male does need to do so before tying the knot. For if the marriage does not work, which is quite possible in today’s dynamic socio–economic scenario, he will have to bear the brunt of the fallacy. A false case lodged with the help of the corrupt police force, sleeping judiciary and mercenary lawyers robs the man of his health, wealth, life, career and happiness. Even with a low conviction rate, the mental trauma that the man and his family including his mother and sisters and his father and other relatives undergo cannot be described in words and is by no means less than actual conviction.

But does life end there? Is the end of marriage, the end of life? Perhaps yes, but probably no. Looking at the alarmingly high and surprisingly suppressed suicide statistics of married males as mentioned in the first paragraph, it is probably true that for married males, the end of a marriage is end of life. But seeing the spirits of a few thousand volunteers at Save Indian Family Foundation, reality shifts.

Here people have not only gathered strength to fight against the system and stride against the tide, but have also developed high amount of positivity in their life and learned to remain happy despite a despicable and pathetic married life.

Marriage can definitely be the first step towards family foundation but cannot substitute life itself. Life is too big and diverse and there are many things to be done in life than to waste it in crying over the split milk called bad marriage. The volunteers at Save Indian Family Foundation have taken cudgels against not only the biased laws and their faulty implementation but also against the mindset that a woman will not break away from a marriage without justifiable reason. This is a bitter truth, which the society needs to know, imbibe and live with, till the time it refuses to change itself.


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